Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony

Olympics are scheduled to take place in London for the third time, having previously hosted the events in 1948 and in 1908, the Olympics are scheduled to take place from July 27th to 12th August 2012. The opening Ceremony is an event where the host country showcases the best of their country. All competing nations also parade in this event. The climax of the opening ceremony is the entrance of the Olympic flame, which is used to light the Cauldron, thus signifying the start of the Olympic Games.

The 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony is set to be held on 27thJuly, with Isles of Wonder being the name given to the opening ceremony. Danny Boyle, Oscar winning director, will be the Artistic director of the London Olympics opening ceremony. The summer Olympics of 2012 will be officially opened by Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Phillip, King Edward.

The events scheduled to take place on the opening ceremony include: Receiving the Head of state, who is the Queen to the Olympic stadium; this is done by the Olympic organizing committee president, Jacques Rogge. Parade of the participating athletes/ teams in the stadium, this is a procession to the stadium by the athletes in the stadium in form of national teams. Greek team usually is the 1st in the procession followed by the host nation which is the United Kingdom.

The other activity is delivery of the speeches by LOCOG Seb Coe, Jacques Rogge, who will end by inviting the Queen to declare the games have started. Once this is done the Olympic flag is hoisted in the stadium as the Olympic anthem is played. An oath is then taken by a judge, coach and a participating athlete, vowing to judge and compete in line with the rules of their respective sport. The climax of the opening ceremony is the lighting of the Cauldron with the Olympic Flame, after it has entered the stadium. This indicates the beginning of the game. Flame will continue burning during the duration of the games.